Let’s be honest: My Passive Trades is making people 1000’s monthly! But be careful.

Let’s be honest: My Passive Trades is making people 1000’s monthly! But be careful.

December 18, 2019 0 By Daryl Kiza

Welcome to my latest review about MPT!

My Passive Trades is the name of a newly launched money-making opportunity through which you are able to make a decent ROI after you simply sign up, deposit some money & then enjoy the nice return of 1.5% daily.

But if you know anything whatsoever about investing then you’ll likely know that an ROI of 1.5% per day is kind of high.

 Is My Passive Trades legit or is just another scam to avoid?

Well, yes and no, Why?  

I’ll explain more about that in a moment but first before I do I’ll point out that if you’d prefer to just head straight to something which is legitimate & proven to work instead then you can do so via the link below:

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Or  keep on reading for my honest, unbiased review..

My Passive Trades, what is it about?

My Passive Trades is a newly launched rev-share website & in theory the concept is simple. You read and see on videos that the person behind My Passive Trades (Darren Bradbury) performs successful trades & runs a profitable advertising business.

This supposedly generates him a lot of revenue & you’re told that you can get a “share” of it by investing in his My Passive Trades program. In turn your investments will allegedly help him to grow his business.

You invest your money, he pays you a daily interest of 1.5%… Allegedly.

And in case you have any doubts about his program he has even gone to the lengths of putting together a YouTube video in which he claims to “prove” that the trading is real & the company is truly generating solid profits.

You’ll see what I mean when I explain in finer detail exactly how it all actually works below…

As a member you get to access the back office where you can manage your business.
The business model is very simple.

There are investment packs you need to purchase and they have a return of 125% spread over 90 days. Also you have the ability to advertise your other businesses by using credits.
You earn credits from buying those packs or if you start for free you can surf some ads and earn credits for those.
This business model is very familiar with past advertising sites like the ads team, trafficmonsoon, mypaying ads etc.
Withdrawals are instant only through bitcoin and starting from $5.

To fund your wallet you’ll need to use bitcoin or perfectmoney. Don’t know what perfectmoney is? check here

To make an account at MPT is very easy. Join here and take a look for yourself.
if I we’re you I would you I would take the opportunity early and collect my earnings fast from the company.

Below some screenshots of members their earnings.