How To Get Leads On MLM Gateway

Every online business owner knows the no.1 rule of making money online: “Getting traffic”

Traffic for your online business can be a pain in the ass the achieve especially if you are buying traffic from resources that turn out to be bot generated traffic, which is just crab.
There are tons of platforms and sites you can go to and buy good traffic from. If you are in the online marketing/affiliate niche there might be some good resources you can visit to get traffic.
If you need real targeted leads for your business, you can visit specific platforms to acquire leads.

MLM gateway provides you a platform where you can promote your business to 100k + opportunity seekers and work from home entrepreneurs. 

Why MLM Gateway  

Promoting your business here will surely give you sales for your business. 
You have the opportunity to write your profile so others can read about you and your businesses. Registration for Free and Premium accounts are available.
Some benefits when joining MLM Gateway:

  • Exposure of your online business to Thousands of leads. Business Announcements make you write a short overview of your business and others can view that and react to it.
  • Guaranteed sales (because you reach real people)
  • Send messages to other members. Interacting with the members brings benefits to both of you. (limited, need premium account)
  • Earn free credits and commissions to buy advertising within MLM Gateway with their referral system.
  • Earn money from real targeted traffic.

For me MLM Gateway works every time I post an overview or an ad.
This brings in more commissions and sales on the table.

MLM Gateway is free to enter and you can upgrade to a premium account which has even more important features like

MLM Gateway - Helping network marketers build their business
  • 1.Have 50 Credits Added to Your Account Every Month

MLM Gateway credits help your business grow. Use them to connect with prospects, run advertising campaigns and drive attention to your business. Premium members, receive 50 credits every month to keep their team growing. MLM Gateway credits allow you to use various tools that will get people into your business.

2. Be Listed On the Featured Professionals Page

All Premium members are listed on the Featured Professionals page. This place is visited by both our members and unregistered visitors of the website. You get a lot of profile views by having your name on this highly visited page. And MLM Gateway Premium Membership gives you tools to turn these profile views to leads!

3. Show the Premium Badge Next to Your Name

Stand out from the crowd with the eye-catching Premium badge. Members looking for a new business opportunity prefer to ask Premium members for an offer. Show others you are serious about your business. The badge is automatically shown on your profile and in the member list.

4. Contact Members Who Want to Join Your Business

As a Premium member, you can connect to members that expressed an interest in your business for free, unlimited number of them. 

5. Place a Link To Your Website On Your Profile

Do you have a website, blog or a landing page where you want to send new prospects? As a Premium member , put a link on your profile and drive targeted leads to any business opportunity website. You can even add an image link to attract more clicks.

6. Display a Video On Your Profile

Video is a great recruitment tool. Do you or your company have a presentation video of your business opportunity? As a Premium member, you can embed a YouTube video on your MLM Gateway profile page. That way you’ll get much more conversions from the people who visit your profile.

7. Make Your Complete Profile Visible To All

With a Premium Membership, not only your connections, but everyone sees your updates, website links and social networks on your profile page. This makes the promotion of your business even more effective.

8. No Ads Shown On Your Profile And Announcements

As a network marketer, you don’t want your prospect to leave your page before converting. Stop showing other members’ ads on your profile page and business announcements. Upgrade to Premium and let the prospects focus on your business opportunity.

9. See How Many People And Who Views Your Profile

Get statistics on how many visits your profile gets and who have seen your profile page. With a Premium Membership you can easily get an overview of people who are showing interest in you. Following up viewers of your profile can be a very effective recruiting strategy.

10. Get More Credits For Referrals And Articles

Receive more credits for referring new members and publishing original business announcements. As a Premium member, you get 15 credits for each referral and 10 credits for each business article you publish. More credits means more connections and leads.

11. Get Priority Support 24/7

Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our Premium members. If there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask. We help you setting up your account to achieve maximum results.

For ONLY $24.95 you get a powerful marketing tool that will help you get more leads and boost your business.

Compare MLM Gateway Memberships

Account FeaturesFree MembershipPremium Membership
Partnership Requests
Daily Credit Top Up
Business Announcements
Member Advertising
Free 50 Credits Every Month
Featured Professionals Listing
Unlocked Leads
Link on a Profile Page
Video on a Profile Page
Complete Profile Visible To All
No Ads on Profile and Announcements
Profile Viewers Overview
More Credits for Referrals and Articles
Priority Support
MLM Gateway - Helping network marketers build their business

As someone who wants to try the business first, join for free then get to know the platform and if you need more features to boost your business you can upgrade your account to premium. That’s what I did.

Register here for free and connect with me on the platform.  My user id = 10040724

To your Success!

Daryl Keizer
PIP (Pure Internet Profits)

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